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May 05

Reaching the non-gun owner electorate in 2014: The cart has been before the horse.

Years ago, I began to see how second amendment content was truthful, accurate and needed, but that something was missing. Among liberty bloggers, we bring this preaching to the choir up from time to time, but little seems to be done. Though many liberty writers do write for the mainstream, second amendment authorities still do …

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Jun 03

Another important identity between the armed citizen and Citizen CPR.

Naturally, I have been following CPR news for a long time, about four decades. Over the last two years, I have been discouraged by CPR training by several important indicators. The first is that I have spoken with doctors of various specialties – dentists, physicians and other practitioners – who believe that CPR doesn’t work. …

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Apr 17

Good Samaritans Abound.

More and more events are crediting volunteers in coming to the aid of injured persons. The bombings of the Boston Marathon on Patriots Day, 2013 is a recent example which emphasized the Good Samaritan spirit. The Good Samaritan is a civilian practice of coming to the aid of another. It is protected by law on various …

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