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Jul 10

How do you fight an on-air ambush?

Being on hundreds of talk radio shows entirely on second amendment issues, and having been asked to coach other contributors, I decided to start my own business on coaching liberty contributors to be super guests on the air. Please follow me on Facebook. Gotcha politics and media: If you get onto talk radio as a …

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May 05

Reaching the non-gun owner electorate in 2014: The cart has been before the horse.

Years ago, I began to see how second amendment content was truthful, accurate and needed, but that something was missing. Among liberty bloggers, we bring this preaching to the choir up from time to time, but little seems to be done. Though many liberty writers do write for the mainstream, second amendment authorities still do …

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Mar 03

2014: It’s all in knowing who to trust; should America trust 90 million gun owners’ values?

Far from being a single-issue voter, the American gun owner is much more of a libertarian – independent – conservative blend of the average citizen: the shared values I’m talking about are where gun owners stand generally as a rather reliable early warning to presage how the rest of the nation will fare. As I …

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Jun 03

Another important identity between the armed citizen and Citizen CPR.

Naturally, I have been following CPR news for a long time, about four decades. Over the last two years, I have been discouraged by CPR training by several important indicators. The first is that I have spoken with doctors of various specialties – dentists, physicians and other practitioners – who believe that CPR doesn’t work. …

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Mar 29

Disaster Preparedness: Are Americans heeding the second amendment more than the disaster management experts?

You can still find articles on how disaster management wants to do more. DM/EM experts – the disaster management planners and policy makers – have worried aloud that their message is not getting out. Various articles wonder why the American public is not heeding them. As I have posted, the problem does not lie with the …

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