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Apr 14

Guns as a health problem? What about the 2.5 million traumas doctors will never see?

Again, we return to the insistence that guns are a health problem. If you are looking for a mechanism to reduce violence – including by knives, fists, bats, groups and more – one mechanism already exists, and gun control is vociferously against it. When it comes to seeing guns as a health problem, then, one …

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Mar 10

2014: Knowing who to trust. Should America trust the values of 90 million gun owners? Part II

  In a word, yes. It is because it strengthens the voting bloc on the shared values of what America is asking for at this hour. It is because 90 million gun owners and so many non-gun owners are all fighting for the same things; why not merge? And what would those be, John? They …

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Sep 07

More Guns, Less Shootings.

Recently, city administrators nationwide reminded me of Professor John Lott’s title, More Guns, Less Crime. Among the messages within Professor Lott’s book is how a greater embrace of second amendment purpose can restore the nation. He’s right, of course, as he applies statistical evidence and their inferences which educate any reasonable person. Meanwhile, city administrators who …

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Jun 03

Another important identity between the armed citizen and Citizen CPR.

Naturally, I have been following CPR news for a long time, about four decades. Over the last two years, I have been discouraged by CPR training by several important indicators. The first is that I have spoken with doctors of various specialties – dentists, physicians and other practitioners – who believe that CPR doesn’t work. …

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Apr 17

Good Samaritans Abound.

More and more events are crediting volunteers in coming to the aid of injured persons. The bombings of the Boston Marathon on Patriots Day, 2013 is a recent example which emphasized the Good Samaritan spirit. The Good Samaritan is a civilian practice of coming to the aid of another. It is protected by law on various …

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