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Apr 14

Guns as a health problem? What about the 2.5 million traumas doctors will never see?

Again, we return to the insistence that guns are a health problem. If you are looking for a mechanism to reduce violence – including by knives, fists, bats, groups and more – one mechanism already exists, and gun control is vociferously against it. When it comes to seeing guns as a health problem, then, one …

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Aug 21

Should firearms instructors make CPR training part of their curriculum?

  Though gun owners are perceived as being single-issue voters, there is a great deal gun owners have in common with mainstream America; shared values perhaps more than any other demographic. With this in mind, should handgun safety instructors offer a Citizen CPR Course as part of their program for a better voter turnout in …

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Sep 07

More Guns, Less Shootings.

Recently, city administrators nationwide reminded me of Professor John Lott’s title, More Guns, Less Crime. Among the messages within Professor Lott’s book is how a greater embrace of second amendment purpose can restore the nation. He’s right, of course, as he applies statistical evidence and their inferences which educate any reasonable person. Meanwhile, city administrators who …

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Apr 05

Why America’s Gun Owners are not single-issue constituents.

Gun rights activism is not a single-issue activism. It is much more about second amendment values as integral to our entire way of life. The issue has a much wider scope of concern in common with America’s non-gun owner constituents than mainstream media will acknowledge. What is needed is to show non-gun owners how gun control is …

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