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Aug 21

Should firearms instructors make CPR training part of their curriculum?

  Though gun owners are perceived as being single-issue voters, there is a great deal gun owners have in common with mainstream America; shared values perhaps more than any other demographic. With this in mind, should handgun safety instructors offer a Citizen CPR Course as part of their program for a better voter turnout in …

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Apr 17

Good Samaritans Abound.

More and more events are crediting volunteers in coming to the aid of injured persons. The bombings of the Boston Marathon on Patriots Day, 2013 is a recent example which emphasized the Good Samaritan spirit. The Good Samaritan is a civilian practice of coming to the aid of another. It is protected by law on various …

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Apr 10

CPR doesn’t work? (except on television . . .?)

Articles are surfacing that CPR doesn’t work.. at least not as well as it is portrayed on television. This anti-life trend compounds the anti-life movement against armed self-defense. So much about life is soon self-evident to a reasonable person that it makes little sense to emphasize to CPR neophytes and the public that CPR doesn’t work that well. This …

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